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Tianjin Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue yu Gongcheng Jishu Ban)/Journal of Tianjin University Science and Technology

Tianjin Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue yu Gongcheng Jishu Ban)/Journal of Tianjin University Science and Technology

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  • Basic Information
  • Former Title: Journal of Tianjin University

    Sponsor: Tianjin Daxue/Tianjin University

    Pub. Periodicity: Monthly

  • ISSN:0493-2137

    CN 12-1127 / N

    Pub. Place: Tianjin

    Language: English

    E-Publication:Online Open Access

    Start Year of E-Publication:April 2021

  • Publication Information
  • Series Name: Multidisciplinary

    Subject Name: Multidisciplinary

    The Number of Published Articles (Print) :6922

  • Downloads (Print) :1286420

    Cites (Print) :62937

  • Evaluation Information
  • Combined IF:1.100

    (2019)Comprehensive IF:0.722

    SJR 2019: 0.21

    SCOPUS: Q2 Multidisciplinary

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    JST Japan Science and Technology Agency Database (Japanese) (2018)

    Pж (AJ) Digest Magazine (Russia) (2020)

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    CSCD Chinese Science Citation Database Source Journal (2019-2020)

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Call for Journal Research Papers

We welcome the authors to submit their Research Manuscript in our journal which aims to exchange and spread the latest researches, innovations and extended applications via online bi-monthly publication. All the submitted Research Manuscript are reviewed by full double - blind international refereeing process. We invite you to submit high quality papers for review and possible publication in all areas as mentioned below. All authors must agree on the content of the manuscript and its submission for publication in this journal before it is submitted to us. Manuscripts should be submitted through Email in Word Format only.

  • Acoustic Engineering
    Advanced Financial Management
    Advertising and public relations
    Legal aspects of business
    Leisure Management
    Lifecycle Management
    Lifestyle space design management
    Mall management
    Management of internal engineering projects
    Management of Urban Disasters
    Managerial Economics
    Managing Innovation
    Financial management
    Marketing and sales management
    Marketing Concepts and Practice
    Marketing Management
    MBA (Entrepreneurship)
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Microfinance and Insurance
    Negotiation Analysis
    Negotiations and Competitive Decision Making
    Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Management
    Outsourcing and IT based Businesses
    Advances in Engineering Software
    Aerospace Engineering
    Agricultural Engineering
    Analogue circuits
    Applied Engineering
    Architecture & Planning
    Audio and video technology
    Automotive electronics
    Automotive Engineering
    Bio mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
    Biological & Bio system Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering
    Ceramics Engineering
    Chassis Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil engineering
    cognitive engineering
    Communication systems
    Computer Engineering
    Computer Science
    Control Engineering Practice
    Control Theory
    Data & Knowledge Engineering
    Decision Support Systems
    Digital appliances
    Digital Investigation
    Digital Signal Processing
    Electrical circuits
    Electrical technologies
    Electromagnetic systems
    Electromechanical System Engineering
    Electronics & Communication Engineering
    Embedded Systems
    Engineering Chemistry
    Engineering Management
    Engineering Mathematics
    Engineering mechanics
    Engineering Physics
    Engineering Sciences
    Environmental Engineering
    Food Engineering
    Forensic Engineering
    Forestry Engineering
    Gas Engineering
    Geological Engineering
    Geomatics Engineering
    Industrial electronics
    Industrial Engineering
    Information Technology
    Integrated Engineering
    Manufacturing Engineering
    Manufacturing Management
    Marine Engineering
    Materials Science Engineering
    MBA in Engineering Degree
    Mechanical Engineering
    Mechatronic Engineering
    Metallurgical Engineering
    Microprocessors and Microsystems

  • Accounting for Managers
    Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture
    Human resource management
    Applications of quantitative analysis in decision-making
    Asset Management
    Banking Transactions
    Business Analysis
    Business and Corporate Laws
    Business Communication
    Business Continuity Management
    Business Management
    Capital Raising Strategies in Corporations
    Case studies in engineering management
    Climate Change
    Communication Management
    Corporate Banking
    Corporate Environmental Management
    Corporate Finance
    Corporate Governance
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Credit Risk Management
    Customer Focused Product Development
    Customer relationship management
    Dairy Management
    Data Analysis and Decision Making
    Derivatives Structuring
    Design Management
    Design project management
    Disaster Management
    Earned Value Management
    Education Management
    Enabled Services and Strategies
    Energy and Environment
    Engineering (all disciplines)
    Engineering Management
    Engineering systems simulation
    Entrepreneurial Leadership
    Entrepreneurship Management
    Environmental Ethics and Environment
    Environmental Management
    Ethics in Management
    Export - Import Management
    Export Documentation and Government Policy
    Export Finance
    Export Management
    Export Marketing
    Facility Management
    Fashion Management
    Fashion retailing and visual merchandising
    Finance for engineers
    Finance Management
    Finance Ministry
    Financial Analysis
    Financial management
    Financial Markets and Institutions
    Financial Reporting and Analysis
    Financial Statement Analysis
    Forest Resource Management
    Franchise management and operations
    General Management
    GIS and Environment
    Growing & building family business
    Healthcare Management
    Hedge Fund Management
    Hospital Management
    Hospitality Management
    Hotel Management
    HR and business ethics
    HR and Change management
    HR role in corporate governance
    Human Resource (HR) Management
    Human Resource Management
    Impact of Technology on HRM
    Import Procedures, Documents and Custom
    Industrial Ecology
    Information Technology
    Information Technology for Finance
    Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
    Insurance and Inspection in Foreign Trade
    Intellectual Property Rights
    International Business
    International Marketing
    Inventory Management
    Investing in Private Equity
    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    IT Management
    Knowledge Management

  • Microwave techniques
    Personal development for engineering managers
    Prime Organizations
    Principles of design management
    Private Equity
    Production and Operations Management
    Program & Project Management
    Public Financial Administration
    Public Management
    Quantitative Methods for Management
    Research Methods
    Retail Management
    Risk Assessment
    Risk Management in Import Export Business
    Rural Management
    Sales and Trading
    Service Business Ventures and Franchising
    Shipping and Packaging
    Social entrepreneurship
    Spiritual Management
    Sports Management
    Statistical analysis and prediction of engineering systems
    Stock Market
    Strategic analysis of technology projects
    Strategic Decision Making
    Strategic Management
    Supply chain management
    Sustainable Development
    Technology and Operations Management
    Telecom Management
    Textile Management
    Tourism Management
    Treasury and Risk Management
    Waste Management
    Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering
    Mining and Geological Engineering
    Model Engineering
    Molecular Engineering
    Nanotechnology Engineering
    Natural Sciences, Humanities
    Naval Architectural Engineering
    Neural Networks
    Nuclear engineering
    Ocean Engineering
    Offshore Engineering
    Oil Engineering
    Paper Engineering
    Parallel Computing
    Pattern Recognition
    Petroleum engineering
    Photonics Engineering
    Power systems
    Product Management
    Production Engineering
    Project Management
    Radio Communication
    Remote Monitoring
    Reneable Energy
    Rubber Technology
    security Engineering
    Semiconductor devices
    Sensor Network
    Signal Processing
    Soft-computing and Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Sound Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Sustainability Design
    System Engineering
    Systems and Structures
    Systems Engineering and Architecture
    Telecommunication Engineering
    Textile Engineering
    Thermal Engineering
    Transport Engineering
    Vehicle Engineering
    Water Resource Engineering
    Welding Engineering
    Wireless and Mobile Communications
    Wireless sensors

Author Guidelines

Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proof read and polished. This will ensure fast processing and publication. Acceptance notification will be sent to the authors. After the receipt of the Acceptance letter, the Article Processing Fee should be paid ONLY through the the link provided in the Acceptance Letter. The Journal invites contribution in the following categories:
1. Original research
2. Survey/Review articles, providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic.
3. Fast Communications: Short, self-contained articles on ongoing research.
4. Technical Notes
We accept extended version of papers previously published in conferences and/or journals. Submitted papers MUST be written in English ONLY. The Authors should strictly follow the Format.
Click for Sample Research Manuscript Template.

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